The last night of the Lucca Summer Music Festival 2022: 20,000 Justin Bieber fans emptied their souls singing with Justin, crying with Justin, and generally feeling euphoric after waiting many tense months for the 28-year-old Canadian singer to recover from a bout with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. 

Having canceled his previous engagements, Bieber at last launched the first night of his Justice World Tour, with no signs of paralysis on July 31st. The concert was a personal and technical success, with no logistical problems. Its success has in fact spawned the belief that the next season of Lucca’s Summer Festival will be even more profitable not only for the promoters but also for the city.

“For over twenty years I have lived the Lucca Summer Festival, partly as a spectator, partly from behind the scenes,” says the new Assessor for Commerce Paola Granucci, in a comment made to our source LuccaInDirect

“I saw this event grow, evolve, change, until it became an integral part of the city,” continues the assessor. “By joining this new administration I was able to understand even better its value and also the really great difficulties involved in the creation of this flagship event for the city“.

“[It’s] an event that has a great economic impact on our territory, on its commercial, labor, tourist and emotional fabric, it’s the type of show that all cities would like to have,” Granucci comments. “Everything can improve, and will improve, our goal is to work together to ensure full respect for the rights and needs of trade associations and our citizens.  The Festival is an experience of excellence, now in Lucca – a great event to be preserved and made to grow even more in future years. The best edition is the one that is yet to come. Viva Lucca and its festival”.

After Lucca, Bieber will make five stops in Europe before giving concerts on stages in South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and then Europe again. 

The Lucca Summer Festival 2022 presented 15 shows that brought tens of thousands of people to Lucca.

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