Experience Lucca’s most Authentic Food Experience AT HOME

TORTELLINI in BRODO announce the arrival of fall — most of all the Buca’s tortellini that are famous for their rich flavor. Follow those with pappardelle in hare sauce or wild boar in umido with olives and polenta, and finish with castagnaccio (chestnut pie) with shepard-fresh sheep’s milk ricotta… All these seasonal dishes are prepared, as always, with provincial products, full of flavor and tradition.

AN ADDED EXTRA: such an elegant presentation of delivery dishes that no table settings are needed, even the bamboo utensils are beautifully designed and recycleable. It’s the best ecologically, gastronomically and aesthetically pleasing deal in Lucca.

Fall Take-out Menu:

For decades critics and celebrities have agreed with locals that La Buca di Sant’Antonio is Lucca’s best restaurant for the dishes which make Lucca’s cuisine so distinctive and delicious, and for good reason.  Locally-sourced seasonal ingredients have filled its menus since long before the concept became trendy.  Its dishes are authentically, proudly Lucchesi.

La Buca is far from being the rustic bettola that it was when it first opened in the 18th century. Linen tablecloths, an aperitif of prosecco and delicious appetizers of polpette di baccala greet diners whether enjoying the lovely outdoor courtyard, or the restaurant’s elegant and intimate dining room, perfect for any special occasion. To add to the warmth, La Buca’s chef-owner, Giuliano Pacini, frequents the dining room as if it were his home.  

Don’t miss the tordelli, or the roasted baby goat, or the piatto forte lucchese for dessert.  Hopefully, you’ll be dining with many friends there, so you’ll be able to sample many dishes.  You won’t be disappointed.

The cantina of La Buca di Sant’Antonio is stocked with many exceptional local wines as well as many of the finest from around the world.

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