Caffé delle Mura – “A Grand Lyrical Gala of Puccini’s Works” by soprano Fabiola Formiga and tenor Giovanni Cervelli, accompanied by pianist Diego Fiorini from Associazione Puccini e la sua Lucca.

Bulwark of San Paolino – Pianist Massimo Salotti from the Catalani Association and Sinfonia, will present “Impressions…realistic ones”, a repertoire of works by Alfredo Catalani, Giacomo Puccini, Pietro Mascagni e Umberto Giordano.

Barracks of Santa CroceAssociazione Laboratorio Brunier presents “Sound Suggestions from the Stars” with passages from Catalani, Puccini, Luporini, and Pacini played by the Ensemble Brunier Lucca, a string quartet with piano. Followed by contemporary Lucchese composers Lucia Bianucci, Mauro Fabbri and Stefano Teani, with homages to Puccini and the poet Giovanni Pascoli, particularly his poem in honor of the feast day X agosto.  Loredana Bruno will then recite poetry accompanied by musical improvisations by con improvvisazioni Maria Bruno and flutist Agnese Manfredini. Theatrical costumes for Puccini’s heroines designed by Franco Nieri will also be on display.

Bulwark San Frediano – After a reading of poems by Giovanni Pascoli honoring the day, Animando and Virtuoso & Belcanto presents “How I met Puccini… waiting for 2024” with soprano Ilaria Casai, flutist Agnese Manfredini and Fabia Simini, cello, playing arias by Puccini in a debut arrangement by Valentina Ciardelli. 

Bulwark San Martino – Soprano Silvana Froli, flutist Sara Tomei and other musicians from the association La Boheme, present South American music as well as “The Women of Puccini” featuring some of Puccini’s most famous arias.

Bulwark San Salvatore – Will feature Soprano Greta Buonamici, a student of the Istituto Musicale “L. Boccherini” accompanied by pianist Simone Rugani of the Associazione Musicale Lucchese, presenting passages from Debussy and Puccini. 

Bulwark San Regolo – FLAM presents “Singing in Music”, a concert of classical and lyrical music by , Puccini, Catalani, Mozart, Haendel, Ravel and others with Soprano Chiara Ramello, Mezzosoprano Tania Notte and Pianist Isabella Gori.  They will share the stage with Sagra Musicale Lucchese who with  Niccolò Bartolini on the piano and Valeria Del Soldato on the violin, proposes a musical journey from Mozart to Lucchese Alfredo Catalani, from Giacomo Puccini to Dvořák, up to Astor Piazzolla, a contemporary Argentinian-American composer whose mother was from the province of Lucca. 

Barracks San ColombanoOutside one will hear the orchestra Filharmonie in collaboration with the Centro Studi Boccherini, presenting a repertoire dedicated to the Lucchese composer of the famous “Minuet”: Luigi Boccherini; while inside the barracks an artistic homage to Puccini’s twelve operas by the painter Tito Mucci, entitled “Vissi d’Arte” will be shown.

Other areas open to celebrate FREE of charge:

  • The San Paolino Barracks (Contrade di San Paolino Association),
  • San Frediano barracks (Flag-wavers and Musicians Association of the City of Lucca and the Historica Lucense Association),
  • San Pietro Barracks (Crossbow Association),
  • San Colombano Barracks (Luigi Study Center Boccherini and Associazione Musicale Lucchese),
  • Castle of Porta San Pietro (Associazione Lucchesi nel Mondo),
  • Casermetta della Zecca (Museum of the Mint)
  • Casa della Memoria, places that tell stories and legends suspended in tim
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