We have done many taste tests over the years because these pudding filled pastries are our favorite in the world, and probably some of the most difficult to make well. When a budino is great it is creamy, warm and tastes lightly of lemon on the inside, while the cup of pasta frolla in which the pudding bakes remains stiff but tender and buttery.

The best budini & best buccellati can be found at Pasticceria Taddeucci in Piazza San Michele. A must stop.

There is no doubt in any Lucchese’s mind that the only real buccellato comes from this 170 year old shop as well. As Mimi Sheraton stated in her book of the same title: this is one of the foods one must taste before one dies. The sweet, raisin filled bread has a delicate anise flavor. It is delicious fresh, toasted or as an ingredient in desserts from zuppa di fragole (strawberry soup) to a piatto forte lucchese (so much better than a tiramis├╣!)