Come to the Mercatino del Pesce in the Sant’Anna neighborhood just outside Lucca’s walls.

Imagine getting extremely fresh fish fried in the lightest of batters that’s prepared for you on the spot and delivered immediately to your table. The stage would already be set for a great experience, but in this case the quality of the fish and the kitchen’s skill at frying it, make for a dish so delicious and light that just one slice of lemon — not the whole lemon I usually require — sufficed for a super abundant plateful of anchovies, shrimp and calamari.

The low cost will also shock: just 13 euros for two servings, water, and a quartino of white wine.

My only regret is not having taken any photos.

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU GO, however, they have few tables and are open only at lunchtime except for Friday nights. Parking is available in front of the restaurant, and happily there is a roundabout immediately in front of it which will permit you to circle around checking out parking options without taking a wrong turn in this heavily trafficked area.

My advice is to arrive a little early and plan to take home some of their exquisite fish to cook later, too.

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