Environment Assessor Cristina Consani, together with the Assessor for Public Works, Nicola Buchignani, inspected the green space at the base of the walls at the San Salvatore bulwark last week to ascertain the success of the ecological corridor incorporating the structure’s former moat. The project aims to create a richer and more flourishing ecosystem in the circle of green space around the Walls.

The edges of the watercourses on the green space are being spared from mowing to allow  more natural areas favoring biodiversity by respecting the eco-systems present and guaranteeing exchanges between the animal and plant populations in the area.

A less rigid approach to green maintenance, allowing nature to manifest itself and flourish in all its luxuriance and to create a more varied and fascinating visual landscape with new blooms, marsh plants, the presence of bees, amphibians and fish – these are just some of the tangible and verifiable results already seen in the short term, in addition to the almost total inhibition of weed growth.

The municipal administration intends to enhance this project to improve the quality of life for city dwellers and to welcome sustainable tourism thanks to the strong appeal of nature and the landscape.

Monitoring and reporting will be constant, in order to regularly evaluate the progress of the operation.

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