Our editor, Grace Roberti, loves to write about Lucca to inspire you: seeing its beauty, learning its culture, and experiencing its humanity can make life better in so many ways — whether you’re planning a trip or just an armchair traveler.

Ms. Roberti has lived in Lucca, off and on, all her life. Thanks to the influence of her family — who have been from Lucca “drento” (inside the walls) and “fora” (outside the walls) for more generations than anyone can count — she knows Lucca pretty much inside and out.  But she’s always interested in learning more.

We don’t just rely on prior knowledge.  We don’t believe the first thing we hear in the street or read online: we get hands-on experience and research the topics we post to give you the most up-to-date and most accurate information we can.

To this day, Lucca’s spirit of LIBERTAS (freedom) and garbo (civility) energize the city with fresh trends, sensational events and developments of all kinds.  Keep life interesting.

Explore what’s happening today at Lucca Life!

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