Veronesi announces Zubin Metha’s arrival for the Lucca Puccini Festival

PUBLISHED July 11, 2023 by the NAZIONE:

by the Editors

“LUCCA – Alberto Veronesi is unfazed by the criticism and concerns rising around his direction of the Lucca Puccini Festival. Because, he says, the Puccini celebrations will be a crescendo of initiatives. And regarding the latest controversy about his absence from the press conference announcing the Festival’s inaugural event dedicated to Puccini and directed by Beatrice Venezi, here is his explanation: ‘Veronesi: “My absence at City Hall? I was at rehearsal’; and so he goes on to announce that Zubin Mehta is coming to Lucca.

“To demonstrate that everything is moving along well, Veronesi further announces two exceptional engagements for September, one in Lucca and one at the Sala of Milan.

“In the meantime, the celebrations are starting. After the concert [with Beatrice Venezi] on the Summer stage, there will be another appointment with Puccini – gratis – on July 16, 2023 at Torre del Lago, with not least of all, two international heavyweights of lyricism: Vittorio Grigolo e Fabio Sartori. […]”

This next Gala Pucciniano will feature the acclaimed conductor Daniel Oren with the Orchestra of the Bologna Municipal Theatre. Camilla Nylund, Afag Abbasova, and Ambrogio Maestri also will participate at the event to be held at the Gran Teatro Puccini di Torre del Lago, Lucca, July 16, 2023 at 21:30.

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