This, even if 6 days ago, the team’s president, Vichi, denied any deal had been struck with Nick Scali Furniture of Sydney

Lucca’s new Mayor Mario Pardini met with the four owners of the Red & Black at 3 pm at Porta Elisa Stadium yesterday to learn about their efforts to sell the team.

A signature is expected in the next 48 hours: Saturday the Italo-Australian leaves Sidney for Lucca

LUCCA. A ten minutes on July 5, 2022: time for the parties to get to know one another and learn how plans for the sale of AS Lucchese 1905, the city’s iconic soccer team, are going, so soon after the Red & Black celebrated its 117th anniversary on May 25th. 

The new mayor, Mario Pardini crossed the threshold of Porta Elisa Stadium just after 3pm headed for the conference room where he met the four partners who have directed AS Lucchese 1905 since July 30, 2019.  Waiting inside were President Alessandro Vichi, Associate Bruno Russo, General Director Mario Santoro and Athletic Director Daniele Deoma.

“It was a brief meeting to get updated on the situation,” said the city’s leader. “It’s a private sale, but the Lucchese is a cultural asset of the city and so it seemed just, insomuch as possible, to get useful information about the seriousness of the persons interested in taking over the club.”

No discussion of Porta Elisa Stadium’s renovation due to lack of time. “The renovation of the stadium, integral to the sports project, is extremely important and so we will want to know the buyers’ proposed approach to this issue. But right now, it would be premature to discuss it,” said Pardini.  “Tomorrow [now today July 6, 2022] we will meet with the current partners to obtain the information requested.”

Russo, the initiator. During the discussion it became clear that the path to the potential investor, an Italo-Australian entrepreneur, had been blazed by the team’s Bruno Russo who felt sure that involving the Scali family would be the best way to sustain the Lucchese and restore it quickly to its historically high level of play.  The impression is that in the next 48 hours, with the release of the last necessary documents, the much awaited signing and transfer of funds will take place.

Saturday, Scali will leave from the airport in Sidney, destination Lucca. So sometime between the 11th and 12th of July, if all goes well, he will be at the stadium.

  • As reported by Luca Tronchetti, Il Tirreno, 5 July 2022. Translation by
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